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START-SoPI Project

I started working at START-SoPI Project (“Feasibility Study on Implementing a Pan-European Social Platform to Support Lifelong Learning and Employability”), which is partly financed by START – Danube Region Project Fund, an initiative for the Danube Region Strategy. START is financed by the European Union and the City of Vienna. More details about the project can be found here: http://startsopi.ase.ro/. Check the Facebook page of the project here.

Mini-Workshop on PHP

FB event: http://www.facebook.com/events/651390188220874/

Trainers: Victor Vociu, Andreea Buga
Organizer: Maria Dascalu, Assist. Prof. FILS
When? 27th of April, at 10
Where? CJ building, Politehnica University of Bucharest (further details will be announced only to the ones who register)
Who can participate? FILS students
What you will obtain?
– hands-on knowledge about making websites with PHP
– the best team experience
– a certificate of attendance
Language of the workshop:
– English
– knowledge of HTML, CSS
– basic knowledge of scripting
– algorithmic thinking
Deadline for registration:
– 25th of April, 20h
How can you register?
– send an e-mail to mariaiuliana.dascalu@gmail.com, with the subject [Mini-Workshop in PHP] Your name Your group
Maximum number of participants: 20
Participation is free of charge.
Duration of the workshop: till you get bored.
Photos from last year workshop:

Workshop Invitation

FILS Research Group for WEB Technologies organizes the workshop:

How to Make Professional Case Studies using Web Tools?

What will you learn?

– what is the difference between case studies, experiments and surveys

– how to design a case study

– how to eficientlly use web tools to obtain and analyze your data for the case study

– how to present your case study in a scientific paper


– 1 hour presentation (lecturer: As.FILS Maria-Iuliana Dascalu, PhD)

– 1 hour applications in small groups

– 30 minutes conclusions and future objectives

Who can participate?

– FILS students

What will you obtain?

– knowledge about how to make and present case studies

– a certificate of attendance

Language of the workshop:

– English

Date and location:

– 05.05.2012, CJ building (further details will be announced only to the ones who will register)

Deadline for registration:

– 03.05.2012, 20h

How can you register?

Send an e-mail to cosmicondina@yahoo.com or mariaiulianadascalu@gmail.com , with the subject: “FILS Research Group Registration-[yourname]-[your group  number]”

Restante 26-26.05.2018

Langages de programmation – Wael Chebbi – 6

Structures de données et algorithmes – Fabrice Ndeme-sanama  – 6

Web et WEB semantique

Aldes Ana-Maria – 5

Dumitru Robert-Cosmin – 5

Dumitrescu Daniel – 5

Systems Engineering – EDUOK Etinyene Elisha – 6

Semantic Web

Bucur Razvan – 5

EDUOK Etinyene Elisha -5

Joga Petrut 5


Re-exam 30.08.2017


BĂRBULICEANU-MATEI A. Rodica-Angela exam 4.5 final 5
ENE N. Andrei – Aurelian exam 5 final 7
VĂLEANU Ș. Ştefan-David exam 8.8 final 10
ADAM I. Adrian exam 8.8 final 10
Fohom Wakam Yann Cedric exam 5.2 final 5


STAN V. Andreea-Ramona exam 5.5 final 4 (you did not pass the lab, you have to redo-it next year)
POPESCU G. Maria exam 5 final 6
NEAGU A. Teodor exam 5 final 7
TUDOR M.T. Ana – Maria exam 5 final 7
Ghali Mohamed Mehdi exam 4.5 final 5
Manel Bibi exam 5 final 4 (you did not pass the lab, you have to redo-it next year)
Guezguez Malek exam 3.5 final 4 (you did not pass the exam)


Muddathir Muhammad Dahiru exam 1.5 final 4
TĂTARU C. Răzvan George exam 5 final 6
NEACŞA F. Maria-Theodora exam 4.5 final 5
SÎRB Al. Cristina – Gabriela exam 4.5 final 5
VÎLCEANU L. Greti-Andreea exam 2.5 final 4
Cracea Silviu-Valentin exam 5 final 7
AGAJYKOV Avdyrahman exam 1 final 4
CERCHIA Gh. Alexandru exam 3.5 final 4
MINEA V. Robert Ionuţ exam 5.1 final 6

Re-exam 29.08.2017

Iordache Elena Florentina exam 5.5 final 5
Vulc Anca-Alexandra exam 5 final 5
Mazilul Isabela-Elena exam 6.2 final 6
Burciu Diana-Iulia exam 6.75 final 6
Ilie Ioana-Alexandra exam 5.5 final 6


Botea Michael – Martin – Dorian exam 1.5 final 4
AL-OBAIDI Mohammed Yousif Yaseen exam 4.5 final 5
AMOR Khalil exam 2.5 final 4
NASSIBI Khalil exam 4.5 final 5

Mohamed Ismael final 5
Ghanim Mohamed final 5