START-SoPI Project

I started working at START-SoPI Project (“Feasibility Study on Implementing a Pan-European Social Platform to Support Lifelong Learning and Employability”), which is partly financed by START – Danube Region Project Fund, an initiative for the Danube Region Strategy. START is financed by the European Union and the City of Vienna. More details about the project can be found here: Check the Facebook page of the project here.

Mini-Workshop on PHP

FB event:

Trainers: Victor Vociu, Andreea Buga
Organizer: Maria Dascalu, Assist. Prof. FILS
When? 27th of April, at 10
Where? CJ building, Politehnica University of Bucharest (further details will be announced only to the ones who register)
Who can participate? FILS students
What you will obtain?
– hands-on knowledge about making websites with PHP
– the best team experience
– a certificate of attendance
Language of the workshop:
– English
– knowledge of HTML, CSS
– basic knowledge of scripting
– algorithmic thinking
Deadline for registration:
– 25th of April, 20h
How can you register?
– send an e-mail to, with the subject [Mini-Workshop in PHP] Your name Your group
Maximum number of participants: 20
Participation is free of charge.
Duration of the workshop: till you get bored.
Photos from last year workshop:

Workshop Invitation

FILS Research Group for WEB Technologies organizes the workshop:

How to Make Professional Case Studies using Web Tools?

What will you learn?

– what is the difference between case studies, experiments and surveys

– how to design a case study

– how to eficientlly use web tools to obtain and analyze your data for the case study

– how to present your case study in a scientific paper


– 1 hour presentation (lecturer: As.FILS Maria-Iuliana Dascalu, PhD)

– 1 hour applications in small groups

– 30 minutes conclusions and future objectives

Who can participate?

– FILS students

What will you obtain?

– knowledge about how to make and present case studies

– a certificate of attendance

Language of the workshop:

– English

Date and location:

– 05.05.2012, CJ building (further details will be announced only to the ones who will register)

Deadline for registration:

– 03.05.2012, 20h

How can you register?

Send an e-mail to or , with the subject: “FILS Research Group Registration-[yourname]-[your group  number]”


Assessment in Higher Education::

The further reading materials are here:  

The task for Friday morning:

Fill in the templates from for your considered engineering course.

The order of filling them in is:Assessment-Plan_TemplateAssessment-Matrix_TemplateUtility-Formula-TemplateFeedback-Plan_TemplateRubrics_Template

Results at the National Java Competition for Universities

The students of Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, obtained outstanding results at the Java Competition for universities, organized by Adfaber, with the support of Oracle Academy:

Pictures here.

Bachelor/Master Research Coordination

 Bachelor Thesis – English Stream
 Bachelor Thesis – French Stream  
 Erasmus Research Projects  
 Master Research Work  
 Students’ Papers at Scientific Sessions  

Coordination of Bachelor Thesis – English Stream:

  • (2015) “EmployLeaP- Social Platform for Continuous Learning and Professional Integration”, Bianca Tesila (disseminated in 3 research papers)
  • (2015) “GrooPro-Group Maker Tool for Engineering Projects”, Ana-Maria Dumitrache (disseminated in 2 research papers)
  • (2015) “Find your APPetite – Mobile application to support healthy food habits”, Radu Mihail Panaitescu
  • (2015) “Ease your brain – Context-aware Mobile Collaborative Learning Application”, Bogdan Adrian Sandu
  • (2015) “Hybrid Mobile Applications Set for Professors and Students Facilitating the Verification of Knowledge During the Courses”, Stefan Oprea
  • (2015) “Hybrid Mobile Applications Set for Professors and Students Facilitating the Verification of Knowledge During the Courses”, Marin Tudor
  • (2015) “Management Platform for Academic Research Projects”, Alin Paraschiv
  • (2015) “Smart eProfile Matcher”, Dragos-Valentin Bubu
  • (2015) “Social Network for Older Adults”, Liviu Nasoi
  • (2015) “Social Internet Banking”, Alexandru Moroianu
  • (2015) “Social Network for Project Practitioners”, Miruna Lucaci
  • (2015) “3D Game in Unity”, Oday Alokeh
  • (2014) “U-learn: A Recommender Agent for Personalizing Learning Environments”, Anca Mohora (disseminated in 2 research papers)
  • (2014) “Collaborative Task Management Application”, Nicoleta-Cristina Stroescu (disseminated in 1 research paper)
  • (2014) “Web Application Security Management System”, Anandan VINOD
  • (2013) “Computer Based Model for Developing Multidisciplinary e-Learning Groups”, Alexandru Burlacu (disseminated in 2 research papers)
  • (2013) “Analysis of Social Interaction in Virtual Environments”, Iulia Vasile
  • (2012) “EduReS – An Innovative Educational Recommender System for Engineering Courses”, Bogdan Stanila

Coordination of Bachelor Thesis – French Stream:

  • (2015) “Bref:Cinema – web platform for cinema education”, Ana Dima
  • (2015) “Platforme e-learning pour l`entrepreneuriat”, Elena Madalina Stan
  • (2015) “Gestion de la bibliotheque personnelle”, Mirela-Cristina Urse
  • (2015) “Plateforme collaborative de recherche étudiant-enseignant”, Andreea-Madalina Petrisor
  • (2015) “eProfile Matcher”, Andrada Craioveanu
  • (2015) “Application Web pour l’entrainement de la memoire”, Andreea Ghinea
  • (2015) “Gestion des risques des projets informatiques”, Elena-Beatrice Grigore
  • (2015) “Application Web pour l’apprentisage du langage HTML par les etudiants”, Stefania Paula Dragan
  • (2015) “Outils de création pour développer des cours E-learning”, Ilyass Bathahi
  • (2015) “Outil de collaboration pour la gestion des presentations educatives”, Andra Petrescu
  • (2015) “Optimization du site web sur le portable”, Loredana Stoian
  • (2014) ”Analyse des Interactions dans les réseaux sociaux”, Andrei Radu
  • (2014) “Gamification dans les plateformes d’enseignement en ligne”, Smara Cosurba (disseminated in 1 research paper)

Coordination of Erasmus Research Projects:

  • (2015) “Sentiment Data Analysis”, Sergio Leoni (Italia)
  • (2013) “Web applications challenges regarding security”, Salvador Canas Moreno (Spania)

Coordination of Master Research Work: 

  • (2015) “Impact of social networks on young professional’s employability”, Carmen Toma (Master Business Administration and Engineering)
  • (2015) “Task Management Systems”, Marius Haidu (Master Business Administration and Engineering)
  • (2015) “Big Data Analytics Platforms”, Dan Sebastian Ungureanu (Master Business Administration and Engineering)
  • (2015) “New Trends on Task Management Systems”, Nicoleta-Cristina Stroescu (Master Business Administration and Engineering)
  • (2015) “Collaborations models between industry and academia and their added value to technological education in Romania”, Dan Balauca (Master Business Administration and Engineering)
  • (2015) “Use of Sentiment Analysis in Marketing Decisions”, Cristina Voinea (Master Business Administration and Engineering)
  • (2013) “Music Recommendation System”, Alexandru Anghel (Master of Software Engineering
  • (2012) “Survey of shortest path algorithms in graph theory”, Florin Bombeanu (Master of Software Engineering)
  • (2012) “Group Recommender System Based on individuals users”, Sadik Haider Ali (Master of Software Engineering)
  • (2012) ”Slope One: a family of memory-based collaborative filtering algorithms”, Serban Ionut Georgescu (Master of Software Engineering)

Coordination of Students’ Papers at Scientific Sessions: 

  • (2015) “L’informatique pédagogique avec des outils open-source pour les enfants”, Robert BREZOAIE, Madalina BRATU – premiul III
  • (2015) “Formative e-évaluation pour faciliter la formation des professionnels dans la gestion de projet”, Iuliana MARIN – premiul I
  • (2015) “EmployLeaP – plateforme d’apprentissage continu et insertion professionnelle”, Iulia STANICA, Bianca TESILA – mentiune
  • (2015) “Les 5 algorithmes qui font le Web”, Fabian POPOVICI
  • (2015) “Ease Your Brain – Context-aware Mobile Collaborative Learning Application”, Bogdan Adrian SANDU– mentiune
  • (2015) “ – Social Internet Banking”, Alexandru MOROIANU
  • (2015) “Social Network for Older Adults”, Liviu NASOI
  • (2015) “Development of a 3D Third Person Shooter Video Game”, Mohmed Odai ALOKEH
  • (2015) “Hybrid Mobile Applications Set for Professors and Students Facilitating the Verification of Knowledge During the Courses”, Stefan OPREA, Tudor MARIN
  • (2015) “Data Mining – Definition, Challenges and Future Trends Student”, Alina CAPOTA
  • (2015) “Management Platform for Academic Research Projects”, Alin PARASCHIV
  • (2014) “String-matching Algorithms. Analysis and Implementation”, Ana-Maria TUGULEA
  • (2014) “Health Watch”, Ionut Bogdan AVRAM, Radu-Marian BACIU, Radu Gabriel SERBAN
  • (2014) “A Recommender Agent for Personalized Learning Environments”, Anca MOHORA – premiul I
  • (2014) “Web Application Security Management System”, Anandan VINOD
  • (2014) “Ontology application in the healthcare field”, Cristina-Elena VOINEA, Alexandra RAPEANU
  • (2014) “Social Media Integration in Collaborative Task Management”, Nicoleta-Cristina STROESCU
  • (2014) “Music Maker”, Roxana POSTELNICU, Cosmin-Daniel NICHIFOR – mentiune
  • (2014) “Badira”, Othman FAWZY
  • (2014) “Comment mieux étudier?”, Iulia ALEXE, Sorina VLASCEANU – premiul II
  • (2014) “Les graphes – comprendre et apprendre”, Andreea Madalina CUCU, Iulia Cristina STANICA
  • (2014) “Développement des ontologies dans l’aéronautique”, Dorin RAUTU, Diana POPESCU
  • (2014) “Analyse de la complexité des algorithmes de tri”, Sebastian-Mihai DRAGHICI
  • (2014) “Comment utiliser le « Graph Search » de Facebook pour créer une équipe d’éducation non formel ?”, Andrei Radu
  • (2013) “Éditeur de graphes en JAVA”, Romulus-Marius CÎMPEANU, Cosmin Nichifor –premiul III
  • (2013) “Système multimédia commandé par une interface Web”, Gabriela NIȚULESCU, Elena Ana COCEA, Cristian STAN
  • (2013) “Jeu educatif-Tout ou rien en C#”, Sabina MIHĂILESCU, Elena NANU, Roxana POSTELNICU
  • (2013) “Ingénierie d’un algorithme de tri topologique”, Iulia Cristina STĂNICĂ, Andreea Mădălina CUCU
  • (2013) “LineFollowing avec Arduino”, Iulia Cristina STĂNICĂ, Gabriel Cristian ALECU, Bogdan Gabriel ONETE – mentiune
  • (2013) “Comment construire un robot de type Line Follower?”, Oana-Andreea HOȚESCU, Andreea-Nicoleta RADU, Lavinia- Georgeta STOIAN, Mirela-Cristina URSE
  • (2013) “Alignement d’ontologies”, Jonathan LANGLAIS
  • (2013) “Modèle informatique pour le développement des groupes multidisciplinaires en elearning”, Alexandru Burlacu – mentiune       
  • (2013) “Le balle de la francophonie”, Iulia ALEXE
  • (2013) “L’univers”, Sorina VLĂSCEANU
  • (2013) “Web Applications challenges regarding security”, Salvador Canas Moreno
  • (2012) “Benefits of HTML5 and CSS3: Practical  Examples”, Hamza BULBUL,  Osman AYDOGAN
  • (2012) “Building Better  Websites  with IITMLS: A ShowCase  for a Museum Website”, Iuliana MARIN
  • (2012) “A review on Web 2.0 Teaching Tools”, Sorina CHITU
  • (2012) “Advantages of OOP: a Comparative  Analysis between  Java and C++”, Bianca TESILA – mentiune