Management Information Systems

Announcement – 12.10.2018:
– please pick up a subject a date of presentation, till 26th:
– on 26th you are all invited at two technical guest lectures, in CB020:
   12-14, Monica Petrica (Oracle) – Agile Methodologies at Oracle
   4-16, Bianca Tesila (Adobe) – Run with data from all over the world and still be able to breathe – An Adobe Audience Manager Tale
Announcement – 07.12.2018:
– 11.01, 17.15h-20h – ADONIS project presentation (10 mins/ team) – CJ101
-18.01, 18.30h – sending the 4-pages article by email (to, on the same subject as your ppt presentation
-25.01, 18.30h – you will receive a feedback to the article by e-mail
-01.02, 18.30h –  sending the final version of the article (if asked) or participating at the exam in AN024
Reference for course: Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm, by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon book
Lab1 – Presentation of ADONIS environment and modeling
Lab2 – Modeling in ADONIS
Lab3 – Evaluation and simulation in ADONIS
Lab4, Lab5, Lab6 – Project work in ADONIS
Lab7 – Project presentation in ADONIS

ADONIS analytical evaluation and simulations
Simulations in ADONIS

Evaluation and Simulation in ADONIS



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