Management Information Systems

Announcement – 11.10.2019:
– please pick up a subject a date of presentation, till 25th:
Tech talks:

8 November, 12-14, CB020 Agile methodologies at Oracle, by Monica Petrica

6 December, 12-14, CB020, Tech talk on Web technologies, by Cognizant Softvision

Reference for course: Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm, by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon book
Lab1 – Presentation of ADONIS environment and modeling
Lab2 – Modeling in ADONIS
Lab3 – Evaluation and simulation in ADONIS
Lab4, Lab5, Lab6 – Project work in ADONIS
Lab7 – Project presentation in ADONIS

ADONIS analytical evaluation and simulations
Simulations in ADONIS

Evaluation and Simulation in ADONIS


Upload your presented ppts till 13th of January on Moodle (20%).

Upload your ADONIS project and documentation till 18th of January.  You have to present them also during laboratories: 10th and 17th of January, 16-20, in CJ101 (40%).

Send the article till 18th of January, by email, to, with the subject: MIS ARTICLE. You will receive a confirmation email till 20th of January. Otherwise, your article won’t be taken into consideration. Till 31st of January, you will receive a grade and some observations by email, which you can improve till the day of the exam: 5th of February. The ones who don’t want to make the article, have to come at the exam, on 5th of February (40%).


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