Master Software Engineering (fall 2011) – Research Project

The research project consists in making a documentation of 10 – 20 pages (TNL 12, single spaced). The research documentation should look like a book chapter:
– Title
– Author, affiliation (Master of, FILS…), e-mail address
– Abstract: a short summary of the research, of maximum 200 words
– 1. Introduction
– 2. Title of chapter 1
    2.1. Title of sub-chapter 1
– n-1. Title of chapter n-1
    n-1.1. Title of sub-chapter n-1
– n. Conclusions: conclusions of the current research and  future research directions (this would be a work-in-progress research)
– References: bibliographical resources would be written in APA style; in Word2007, at References tab, one can choose the citation style, so it’s easy to use APA; all these references should be cited in the text: if one takes a piece of info from somewhere, the source has to be written down: ex,  (Garofano & Salas, 2005)
– Additional references: other bibliographical resources one studied, which aren’t cited in the text (maximul 5)
–  Key terms and definitions: 5 key terms reflecting the most 5 important aspects researched so far and the definitions of these key terms
– Figures and tables will be numbered and will have captions
– the document will be written in English and the pdf form and the editable form will be sent by e-mail
I will sent you by e-mail some useful materials.
Deadlines will be sent by e-mail in the following days.
Further information will be available at: